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 Csuka fogás 2011 



1. Fish:

  • Carp can grow enormous here, some caught 35 kg ones. The average, however, is between 5 and 12 kg. Usually you can catch around 5-12 per day.
  • Crucian carp often grows to 2 kg here and you can catch huge amounts of it.
  • Bream - there are in vast quantities in places, which have been fed before.
  • Silver Bream - the biggest ones are 3 kg, you can find these on the main branches of the Danube, but are quite rare.

  • 2. Predatory fish:
  • Pikeperch is normally between 1 and 3 kg, but if you are lucky you may catch 6-8 kg ones, too. When they are feeding well you may easily catch 15-25 pikeperch a day.
  • Pike - the big ones are in the deeper waters. When the water level is favourable you may catch 5-10 kg ones with a spinner. You can go for the smaller ones with live fish or pieces of fish. Of the 0.8-1.5 kg ones you can catch 15-20 a day.
  • Wels - fishermen apparently caught 200 kg ones, too, but the biggest one our guests caught was 50 kg. There were bigger ones, which escaped.
  • Aspius, perch - these are both common and if you happen to find a flock you may have an exciting experience.
  • Bait

    At the estate you can buy sweet corn for feeding. Please bring other feeding stuff for carp. If you are fishing for pikeperch or pike you can catch small fish in the delta, please bring appropriate equipment, rod. You can dig locally for earthworms, but you may prefer to bring them; also bring leech if you need some.
    The local regulations allow you to catch up to 5 kg of fish per day, or one fish if it weighs over 5 kg. Please bring coolers if you want to take home the cleaned, frozen fish. You may be able to accumulate a nice quantity by the end of your holiday.


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