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Accommodation and Service

The guesthouse is in Gorgova on the Sulina branch, half way between Tulcea and Sulina, a town at the mouth of the Danube. Gorgova is a traditional fishing village typical of the Danube delta. Its inhabitants, the 'Lipovans' speak Russian and make their living from fishing and tourism. They are hospitable and modest people. The two-star guesthouse accommodates 12 people in bedrooms with two or three beds. Toilets, hot water showers, an enormous lounge, a well-equipped kitchen, television and freezers provide comfort for all.


For each two people we provide a motorboat. These aluminium boats have a flat bottom and have a 15-horsepower motor. Please bring a licence for driving the motorboat. You can buy petrol and oil locally.

We provide three meals a day, which are included in the price. You can taste the traditional Hungarian cooking and the local specialities. Coffee and one bottle of mineral water per day are also included. You may want to bring your beer, wine or liquor because you may not find your favourite one locally.



We fish mainly from the boats on the branches of the Danube, the smaller branches, the canals and the lakes. You will be taken by the experienced tour guide to spots which have been pre-fed. We can organise camping or a 2-3 day trip to the Chilia or St George branches, if you wish.


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